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KaiCF cartridge is constructed of thermally bonded polypropylene microfibers to ensure high efficiency. The filter incorporates a rigid polypropylene center core for increased collapse strength and durability. This thermal bonded micro-fiber construction has minimal fiber release, consistent flow rate and superior filtration performance. It is also not brittle or prone to breakage problems like resin-bonded cartridges. Unique micro-grooves provide added surface area. The recommended temperature limit of 40° F to 175° F allows it to be used in many hot water applications.
  • Free of surfactants, binders and adhesives
  • Excellent flow with low pressure drop
  • High dirt holding capacity
  • 100% Polypropylene for wide chemical compatibility
  • High strength & pressure resistance
  • Will not impart taste, odour or colour to the liquid being filtered
  • One piece construction up to 1016 mm & more
  • Available in Spun & Wound type construction
  • 1 to 50 Micron rating
  • Available from 10”, 20”, 30” & 40” Length and 2.5”, 4” & 4.5” Dia
KaiMBR submerged modules are used for Membrane Bioreactor (MBR) processes. Submerged MBR process is most often used to treat municipal/industrial wastewater but can be used in drinking water applications as well. KaiGO’s product line includes options that vary the fiber thickness to optimize the product selection depending on the application.
  • Symmetric TIPS PVDF technology eliminates the risk of delamination and minimizes the impact of abrasion.
  • Long membrane life due to high mechanical and superior chemical strength.
  • Double decker skid design leads to lower energy consumption.
  • High permeability due to permanent hydrophilicity.
  • Stable high flux reduced fouling.
  • Minimum footprint due to double decker skid design.
  • Extreme pH and oxidant tolerance to remove severe fouling and restore performance.
  • Extreme caustic and oxidant tolerance provides long life, even during challenging applications.
Model no KaiMBR T1510 KaiMBR T2215 KaiMBR T3020
Pore size 0.04um 0.04um 0.04um
Filtration area 15m2 22m2 30m2
Hydranautics offers a wide range of ultrafiltration and microfiltration modules based on polymeric hollow fibers. All membranes solutions offered can be used as a replacement of conventional treatment systems combining benefits of high permeate quality and low footprint requirements. Using Hydranautics ultrafiltration products, RO membranes may be used downstream more safely while operating at higher fluxes with longer intervals between cleans.
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  • High performance membrane elements ideal for high purity water.
  • Ultra low pressure, energy saving brackish water membranes.
  • Hollow fiber membrane for membrane bioreactor applications.
  • Low Fouling.
  • High rejection membranes.
UF NF RO Process Separation Membrane Elements
HYDRACAP ESNA SWC – Sea Water Composite Daily RO series
HYDRACAP MAX NANO – BW CPA – Composite Polyamide Daily NF series
HYDRASUB NANO – SW ESPA – Energy Saving Polyamide Dairy UF series
HYDRA Core LFC – Low Fouling Composite San RO
FRP Pressure vessel is a container made of Fiber reinforced plastic designed to hold filter media at a pressure substantially different from the ambient pressure. These are widely used in Water softening & RO pre-treatment filtration application.
  • Made from High quality FRP resin.
  • Suitable for drinking water application.
  • Lighter in weight provides Easy installation.
  • Corrosion free operation
  • Longer life cycle
  • Lower maintenance cost
  • All Top and Bottom opening vessels are provided with Vacuum Breaker as standard Accessory
  • 100% tanks are hydro tested & supplied with test certificate.
  • 8” x 44” to 13” x 54” available in 2.5” Top Open.
  • 14” x 65” and 16” x 65” available in 4” Top Open / 4” Top and Bottom Open
  • 18” x 65” to 36” x 72” available in 4” Top and Bottom Open.
  • 42” x 72” to 63” x 86” available in 6” Flange Top and Bottom Open
FRP KaiTUBE pressure vessels are membrane housings for industrial and commercial water treatment applications such as desalination, reverse osmosis (RO) manufactured with the best industry practices and the highest quality standards applied to continuous innovation, KaiTUBE FRP pressure vessels feature threaded ports, a quick lock system, flat sealing and multi-porting facilities, fail-safe shells and a single-piece head.
  • Meets ASME standards, all drawings available on request
  • Hydro test pressure is 1.1 times of design pressure
  • Burst pressure is 6 times of the design pressure
  • User friendly design of end cap assembly with single piece molded seal plate, high quality seal ring, heavy duty aluminum bearing plate and stainless steel locking ring to enable tool free operation.
  • Mirror finish internal diameter with tolerance of ±0.1 mm to facilitate easy loading & unloading of membranes
  • All models supplied with saddle and SS straps, Victaulic couplings available on request
  • Available in 2.5”, 4” and 8” end port, side port and multi port configurations
  • Pressure ratings of 150 psi, 300 psi, 450 psi, 600 psi, 1000 psi, 1200 psi
KaiPUMP is used to convey variety of mediums from tap water to industrial liquid at diverse temperatures and with different flow rates and pressure. A pressure is built within the pump as the flow progresses that enables it to move content to a longer distance. It can be used for both positive and negative displacement application. It has many applications like industrial boosting, industrial conveying, water treatment, and irrigation.
  • Pump shaft has 4-grooves for fitment of impellers.
  • Pump casing thickness is 1.5 mm. Whereas 1.0 mm. is typically available in market.
  • Top and bottom casings are SS304 investment casting, standard in all models.
  • Cartridge type & split type mechanical seal given as option, hence there is no need to replace the complete mechanical seal.
  • Mechanical seal has replaceable rings fitted with rubber cup. Hence most of the time only seal faces can be replaced instead of the complete seal.
  • Pump Flanges at bottom casing has two options - Oval CI type & round SS304 type flange – Provides for easy pump maintenance.
  • Flow Range: 0.6 – 24 M3/hr with different models
  • Pressure Range: 1.7 – 24.5 Bar with different models
  • Available in MOC SS304, SS316 & Duplex.
KaiDOSE electronic dosing pump is a positive displacement pump. It pumps a very precise flow rate of a chemical or substance into either a tank or stream. Solenoid pushes the diaphragm via a SS stud which in turn pushes the liquid into the system. Solenoid is actuated by a solid state electronic circuit which controls the desired dosing volume.
  • Inbuilt Air relief valve
  • Solid PTFE Diaphragm
  • Double NRV check valves
  • Minimum SPM of 120
  • Optional digital display of SPM
  • Optional auto dosing
Flow rate Pressure
0 – 6 LPH 4 Kg/cm2
0 – 10 LPH 2 Kg/cm2 / 3 Kg/cm2
0 – 20 LPH 4 Kg/cm2
0 – 30 LPH 4 Kg/cm2
KaiDOSE motorized dosing pumps are driven by an electrical motor which is generally coupled outside the pump and suitable for larger volume dosing application.
  • Available in PP, PTFE, SS 316, SS 316L, SS 304, Hastelloy ‘C’, Alloy 20 as per the chemical compatibility.
  • Hydraulic Dosing Pump available in Single and Double diaphragm options
  • In-built PRV in Hydraulic Dosing Pump
Type Flow rate Pressure
Mechanical 0 – 800 LPH 0 – 4 Kg/cm2
Hydraulic 0 – 3000 LPH 0 – 10 Kg/cm2
Plunger 0 – 5000 LPH 0 – 70 Kg/cm2
Valves are mechanical devices that control the flow and pressure within a system or process. They are essential components of a piping system that conveys liquids, gases, fluid, slurries etc.
KaiVALVE can be provided as manually operated or be automated (with Actuator, Pneumatic or Hydraulic)
  • Available from 1” to 40” in size and 150# to 2500# Class
  • Best in class quality and finishing
  • Shortest delivery period.
  • Meets universal defined standards BS / API / ASME / AWWA
  • Smooth operations with zero leakage.
  • Additional requirement can be provided such as stem extension, by-pass arrangements, alternate trims and all other customization required by customer.
  • Gate valve
  • Ball valve
  • Butterfly valve.
  • Needle valve
  • Globe valve
  • Diaphragm valve
  • Check valve
  • Non return valve
Multiport valve are also known as backwash valve or filter-control valve, the multiport valve offers a variety of functions with a simple twist of the valve handle. These are used in pools with sand or DE filtering systems, RO Pre-treatment filtration systems & Water Softener application for regeneration.
  • Made from Virgin engineering plastic.
  • UV Resistant Material.
  • High quality spider rings & pressure springs provides smooth handling.
  • Optimal flow rate & lower pressure drop.
  • Top mount & Side Mount options.
  • For Softener provided with built in Injector for uniform regeneration.
  • 100% tanks are hydro tested & supplied with test certificate.
  • Port size options available: 3/4”, 1” & 1.5”.
  • Side mount & Top mount options.
  • Can be provided for 4 kg/cm2 & 6 kg/cm2 working pressure.
The KaiGO DAF is high efficiency two phase separation machine which removes the suspended solids, grease, oil and the non-non soluble organics. This is combined process of flocculation and floatation.Wastewater then enters the flotation zone and microbubbles from the white water attach to the particle surface and affect the particle density, causing the suspended solids to float to the surface of the DAF where they are skimmed by a chain and flight and separated into the sludge hopper.The treated wastewater is continuously removed at several points inside the DAF and is discharged through pipe weirs into an effluent chamber.
  • Compact design.
  • Modular design.
  • Prefabricated and preassembled.
  • Minimum site erection time.
  • High efficiency with minimum cost.
  • Guaranteed 90% TSS reduction.
  • Poultry processing.
  • Mining Industry.
  • Chemical Industry.
  • Paper Industry.
  • Textile Industry.
  • Tannery.
Moving Bed Biofilm Reactor (MBBR) – KaiMBBR
MBBR is used in the Aeration tank to reduce the biological sludge present in the water. Bacteria grows on the surface of MBBR media that eats the biological matter present in the water. To increase the growth of bacteria in the tank we need to maintain the desired level of dissolved oxygen. Dissolved oxygen level is maintained by providing aeration through diffusers. Selection of MBBR media is very important as it has an impact on civil structure, operating cost and sometimes on capital cost as well.

KaiPRESS is specially designed to de-water sludge coming from clarification tanks and other solid liquid separation applications. The capacity depends on the character of the sludge. The solid liquid mixture is fed through pumps in the filter press, which is made from a number of recessed filter plates forming chambers.
  • Available Plate MOC options: PP / CI / SS
  • Available Filter Cloth MOC options: PP / Nylon / Polyester
  • Plate sizes available from 305 x 305 mm to 1500 x 1500 mm
  • Available Open / Closer options: Manual / Lever Operated Hydraulic / Panel Operated Hydraulic
  • Available Cake thickness options: 30 mm to 50 mm
KaiGO provides the most efficient sludge dewatering unit “KaiGO Belt press”. It has two zones,
  • Thickening zone – In this zone flocs are created from the sludge fed.
  • Pressing zone – In this zone several rollers press the flocs created previously
KaiGO Belt press has an ability to give 30% solid consistency at outlet compared to 20% given by other players in the market. Moreover, it comes with belt tracking system, washing arrangement, and completely automated control panel.
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  • Higher percentage of solid consistency at outlet.
  • Low footprint area.
  • Easy installation and maintenance free.
  • Belt press with Thickener enhances the dewatering process.
  • Best in class warranty terms and service support.
We can provide the product according to the requirement of the customer. We can provide the product according to the requirement of the customer.

KaiGO Jet mixer is a mounted adjustable angle in the water with the motor portion and air intake mechanism above the surface and the propeller portion below the surface. The motor rotates the hollow shaft that in turn moves the propeller. This activity forces water at a high velocity through and near the propeller blades, creating a partial vacuum at the end of the shaft. Atmospheric air above the waterline is drawn in through the air Intake port and into the hollow shaft. Propeller creates turbulence and flow that breaks up the air bubbles, mixes the basin and disperses oxygen. The horizontal water movement maximizes bubble hang time maximizing oxygen transfer.
  • Superior horizontal mixer that provides total mixing
  • Optimum oxygen transfer that increases the DO level in water
  • All metal parts are made of SS316 that provides maximum corrosion resistance
  • Easy installation and low maintenance
  • Highly energy efficient
  • UV Protected HDPE floats and housing
  • Integrated shells has properties of durability, anti fouling and anti leaking
Capacity:- 5, 7.5, 10, 15, 20 HP
Diffusers are critical to the aeration process. Aeration tanks are used to reduce the biological matter present in the water by creating an atmosphere that is suitable for the growth of microbes. Diffusers are generally a tube or disc, covered with a membrane having small pores. Diffusers are arranged at the bottom of the tank connected with a central air blower from which pressurized air is fed into the diffusers. This air passes through small pores in the membrane creating bubbles which oxidize the water.
  • Long life due to high quality and genuine EPDM/Silicone Membrane.
  • High Tensile Strength ensures good membrane memory & consistent performance
  • Optimum pores for good oxidation
  • High quality retrievable accessories.
  • Best in Industry service and warranty terms.
Bubble Fine Coarse
Shape Tube Disc
MOC EPDM Silicone
Size 63*750mm, 63*1000mm, 90*1000mm (Tube) 9” and 12” (Disc) 3” and 6” (Coarse)
KaiOZO Ozone system, consisting of next generation high frequency IGBT based water cooled Ozone generator, Industrial PSA oxygen generators, Ozone contractors and sensors with instrumentation for water & air disinfection treatment. Ozone is a very strong disinfectant & oxidant. In water treatment ozone is twice as powerful as chlorine and reacts 3000 times faster.
  • "High Barrier Quartz Electrode" to give high concentration ozone and high operating life.
  • Water Cooled Electrode gives constant ozone output.
  • IGBT based high frequency resonance inverter for longer life and power sabing.
  • Now with PWM power supply to work in wide voltage fluctuations.
  • All the machines are checked using state of art ozone sensors. (UV adsorption based)
  • Special coating to prevent corrosion on PCB.
  • All the inverter under goes series of testing, using oscilloscope LCR meters, and high voltage breakdown meters to ensure trouble free performance.
  • PSA industrial oxygen generators to give oxygen at 85 - 90% purity.
  • High concentration ozone output 100 - 130 grams / meter cube.
  • High efficiency venturi to provide ozone contact in water.
KaiGO’s coagulants are based on polyacrylamide co-polymers providing the complete range of ionicities and molecular weights necessary to meet optimal performance for each applications. Our polymers are available in solid, emulsion and liquid forms. They can be used alone or in combination with aluminum base inorganic coagulants, providing a consumption reduction of 30-60%, dramatically reducing coagulation times, not only succeeding in reducing the treatment cost but also reducing the volume of the treated sludge and it’s disposal cost.
KaiGO presents KaiPOLAN and KaiCATON series of anionic and cationic polyelectrolytes for wide range of applications from water treatment to waste water treatment, mainly used for effluent treatment of inorganic suspended solids. By neutralizing the electric charge of sludge particles, these electrolytes promote flocculation effectively.
  • Colour Removal & Coagulant
  • KaiCOLOR 4102 - Polyamine Medium Concentration
  • KaiCOLOR 4103 - Polyamine High Concentration
  • KaiFLOC- Coagulant
  • Polyelectrolytes
  • KaiPOLAN 12 - Medium Molecular Anionic Polyelectrolyte
  • KaiPOLAN 22- High Molecular Anionic Polyelectrolyte
  • KaiCATON 32 - Cationic Polyelectrolyte
RO Chemicals includes:-
KaiCHEM CARE antiscalants are designed to eliminate scale and reduce fouling in membrane systems, regardless of the feed water source.
KaiCHEM KLEAN membrane cleaners ensure maximum element life and restore flux rates close to that of new membranes.
KaiCHEM BIO range of non-oxidizing biocides are highly effective in prevention and reduction of algae, fungus and microbial growth on various types of membranes.
KaiCHEM FRESH is a combination of high quality polymers and sequestering agents that take care of seeding process & crystal formation on membrane surface when water is in stagnant while plant not in service. It is specifically designed to control the precipitation of all kind of inorganic salts and silt as well. The product is also effective in dispersing any other foreign matter and slimes etc. Thus, membrane chocking is reduced.
KaiCHEM SPERSE is a formulation developed for application in thermal distillation systems. Controlled dosage rate of KaiCHEM SPERSE have been proven to be highly effective in the operating conditions found in vapor compression, multi effect and multi stage distillation plants and thermal compression to control scale properties precipitation of CaCO3 & CaSO4.
  • KaiCHEM CARE 01 - General Antiscalant
  • KaiCHEM CARE 1001 - General Antiscalant
  • KaiCHEM CARE 2001 - Silica up to 120 ppm, Iron upto 2.5 ppm
  • KaiCHEM CARE 3001 - Alkaline Antiscalant
  • KaiCHEM CARE 4001 - High Sulphate & Fluoride
  • KaiCHEM CARE 5001 - High Silica (120 - 200 ppm), Sulphate, & Iron upto 3 ppm
  • KaiCHEM CARE 6001 - High TDS with 80 - 85 % Recovery
  • KaiCHEM CARE 7001 - High TDS in Reject with 250 ppm Silica , 5 PPM Iron Oxide, 4 PPM Calcium Fluoride. (Good for Sea Water Application)
  • KaiCHEM FRESH–11 - Membrane flushing chemical to reduce cleaning cycle
  • KaiCHEM SPERSE–ME - Thermal Antiscalant for Evaporators
  • KaiCHEM KLEAN–LP- Low pH membrane Cleaner
  • KaiCHEM KLEAN–HP - High pH membrane Cleaner
  • KaiCHEM KLEAN–SI - Acidic Silica Cleaner, can be mixed during Low pH Cleaning
  • KaiCHEM BIO–01 - Membrane preservation
  • KaiCHEM BIO–11- Microbiological control
  • KaiCHEM BIO–21 - Microbiological contamination