KaiCHEM – ETP Chemicals


KaiCHEM – ETP Chemicals

KaiGO’s coagulants are based on polyacrylamide co-polymers providing the complete range of ionicities and molecular weights necessary to meet optimal performance for each applications. Our polymers are available in solid, emulsion and liquid forms. They can be used alone or in combination with aluminum base inorganic coagulants, providing a consumption reduction of 30-60%, dramatically reducing coagulation times, not only succeeding in reducing the treatment cost but also reducing the volume of the treated sludge and it’s disposal cost.
KaiGO presents KaiPOLAN and KaiCATON series of anionic and cationic polyelectrolytes for wide range of applications from water treatment to waste water treatment, mainly used for effluent treatment of inorganic suspended solids. By neutralizing the electric charge of sludge particles, these electrolytes promote flocculation effectively.

Arvind KaiGO is one of the leading effluent treatment plant manufacturers in India. We supply various ETP chemicals used for smooth operations and maintenance of effluent treatment plants according to the pollution control parameters.

ETP plays a very important role in treating industrial wastewater. ETP Plant is required due to the following reasons:

  • To make industrial wastewater reusable
  • To treat industrial wastewater for safe discharge into the environment
  • To save natural resources from being polluted

We are a reputed manufacturer and supplier of Wastewater Treatment chemicals i.e. Effluent Treatment Plant Chemicals. Our ETP Chemicals will be applied for controlling and eliminating the contaminants in the wastewater. They are highly suitable to be used for flocculation, color removal, coagulation, deodorization, dewatering aids / filter aids and bio-culture.

Some of the features of KaiGO’s ETP chemicals are:

  • They are easily soluble in water
  • They are non-hazardous
  • They are hygienically processed

Being experts in our domain, we are able to manufacture the best ETP Chemicals for our clients using the finest quality ingredients and can be processed as per industrial standards. We offer a wide range of chemicals that can also be used for various industries like:

  • Food & Beverage industry
  • Metal Treatment Industry
  • Oil Field Industry
  • Construction
  • Power plant
  • Steel Industry
  • Aluminum Processing
  • Mining Industry
  • Textile Industry
  • Pulp and Paper industry
  • Dying units
  • Hotels and Resorts
  • Automobile industry
  • Pharmaceutical Industry
  • Agriculture industry

Color Removal Chemicals & Coagulants

Color is often caused due to dissolved organic matter, forms or organic content that can cause color pollution. These include synthetic chemical dyes, algae species and natural organics such as lignin and tannin. Color Removal Chemicals are used in various industries like Industrial Waste Water treatment, Primary Clarification, Secondary & Tertiary Treatment, Sludge thickening, Sludge dewatering, color removal and sewage treatment.

Our coagulants are based on polyacrylamide copolymers and are available in solid, emulsion and liquid forms. They can be used alone or in combination with aluminum base inorganic coagulants. Coagulation treatment neutralizes the negative electrical charge on particles & thus destabilizes the forces that keep the colloids apart.

Some of the features of our color removal chemicals and coagulants are:

  • Improve the water quality with lower turbidity and color.
  • Reduce fouling by solids, colloids, organics and microbiological materials.
  • Improve the performance of scale inhibitors.
  • Increase settling rates and reduce sludge volume.
  • Are available in liquid form
  • Have a pH value in the range of 3-6


KaiGO manufactures a range of Anionic and Cationic Polyelectrolytes for a variety of applications like water treatment and wastewater treatment. Our range of polyelectrolytes is applied for effective solid-liquid separation in raw water clarification, color removal, sludge dewatering, de-oiling, paint detackification and other industrial process applications. Some features of our polyelectrolytes are:

  • Are economical to use.
  • Are effective even at very low dosage levels
  • Perform well over a wide pH range
  • Are easily sealable in water
  • Can achieve high solids capture

As ETP chemicals manufacturer, we back our chemicals and systems with vast field experience and in-depth knowledge of how every chemical we provide will affect your process. We ensure that our clients across industries are supplied with the best quality chemicals. The chemicals we offer help in treating wastewater by removing viruses, bacteria, algae, suspended solids and minerals and thus makes the water fit for various uses.


Colour Removal & Coagulant

Name Description
KaiCOLOR 4102 Polyamine Medium Concentration
KaiCOLOR 4103 Polyamine High Concentration
KaiFLOC Coagulant


Name Description
KaiPOLAN 12 Medium Molecular Anionic Polyelectrolyte
KaiPOLAN 22 High Molecular Anionic Polyelectrolyte
KaiCATON 32 Cationic Polyelectrolyte