KaiMBR - Membrane Bio Reactor


KaiMBR - Membrane Bio Reactor

Membrane Bioreactor (MBR) is a process that combines a membrane ultra/micro filtration process and an activated sludge process. Membrane filtration has a major role in water and wastewater treatment as it is considered superior to conventional water technologies with proven better performance and more efficiency & consistency.

A membrane bioreactor process is mainly used for wastewater treatment. The membranes are used as a filter for removing solids that may be developed during the biological process which results in a clear and pathogen-free product. KaiGO’s MBR provides features like space-saving, easy operation and high-quality treated water that can be reused.

KaiMBR submerged modules are used for Membrane Bioreactor (MBR) processes. Submerged MBR process is most often used to treat municipal/industrial wastewater but can be used in drinking water applications as well. KaiGO’s product line includes options that vary the fiber thickness to optimize the product selection depending on the application.

Configurations of Membrane Bioreactors (MBR)

There are two main configurations of MBR available in the market:

  • 1. Submerged
    • This type of filtration system is installed in the main bioreactor vessel or in a separate tank.
    • It helps in reducing the footprint of the system.
  • 2. Side-stream
    • It is installed outside the bioreactor vessel.
    • It is used commonly as a part of the system can be shut down at the time of maintenance without stopping the treatment completely.

Applications of Membrane Bioreactors

Membrane bioreactors can be used in a variety of applications. This ranges from food and biofuel industries to amino acids, antibiotics, proteins and fine chemical manufacturing, the removal of pollutants and wastewater treatment. MBR technology is an important part of the following industries:

  • Wastewater treatment
  • Water Recycling
  • Bioconversion and manufacturing of bio products
  • Food production
  • Biofuel Production
  • Pharmaceuticals and Biotechnology
  • Oil and gas industries
  • Livestock industries

MBR technology can also be used in small-scale applications ranging from buildings, landfill leachate processing and the shipping industry.

Advantages of MBR

It is generally recognized that membrane bioreactors have become a preferred treatment option when:

  • Space is limited
  • A highly treated quality water is required

There are several advantages of using an MBR:

  • High-quality effluent
  • Independent hydraulic retention time (HRT) and sludge retention time (SRT)
  • Small footprint
  • Consistent performance
  • Low sludge production
  • Less sludge dewatering

The MBR removes the need for secondary sedimentation and thus greatly improves solid-liquid separation and produces effluent of very high quality. These membranes are suitable for applications ranging from industrial wastewater treatment to domestic sewage. The PVDF construction of our membrane provides excellent permeate flux and quality as well as improved fouling resistance.

Our MBR module systems replace the clarifier, Sand filter and Disinfection processes used in Conventional Activated Sludge (CAS) process by removing the suspended materials with an ultra-filtration membrane.

KaiGO has developed technology suited to handle almost all segments of the water and wastewater treatment industrial chain, including:

  • Municipal and industrial wastewater treatment
  • Drinking water treatment
  • Desalination
  • Civil water treatment
  • River management
  • Black and odorous water treatment
  • Hazardous wastewater treatment

KaiGO manufactures membrane filtration modules for water and wastewater treatment and also for solid / liquid separation processes. As a recognized manufacturer and supplier of membrane bioreactor for wastewater treatment, we help our clients solve their toughest water treatment problems. We provide high-quality and world-class membrane bioreactors that your industry needs to keep it running efficiently.


  • Symmetric TIPS PVDF technology eliminates the risk of delamination and minimizes the impact of abrasion
  • Long membrane life due to high mechanical and superior chemical strength
  • Double decker skid design leads to lower energy consumption
  • High permeability due to permanent hydrophilicity
  • Stable high flux reduced fouling
  • Minimum footprint due to double decker skid design
  • Extreme pH and oxidant tolerance to remove severe fouling and restore performance


Model no KaiMBR T1510 KaiMBR T2215 KaiMBR T3020
Pore size 0.04um 0.04um 0.04um
Filtration area 15m2 22m2 30m2