KaiPUMP – High Pressure Pump


KaiPUMP – High Pressure Pump

A high-pressure pump, for water treatment & management application, is a pump that typically has a discharge pressure of more than 10 Bar going up to 120 Bar.

Lifetimes of pump components depend on many parameters like water quality, maintenance regime and operating pressure.

Applications of high-pressure pumps:

High-pressure pumps are particularly needed to feed water into the RO skid for which the usual pressure is not sufficient. The selection of pumps depends on available space, volume & quality of the water to be pumped into the RO skid. Chemical manufacturers who need to create high-pressure use a series of dynamic pumps to reduce the cost of equipment in different chemical processes. Power plants that produce electricity use high-pressure pumps to rotate the generator.

Our range of high-pressure pumps provide the most suitable pump as per your specific requirement of low rate and pressure for multiple tasks.

High-pressure pumps can be used in:

  • Reverse osmosis applications
  • Tap water applications
  • Fire-fighting applications

Benefits of High-Pressure Pumps

High pressure pumps are relatively lightweight and adaptable to any situation. They can be used in vertical or horizontal configurations due to their durability and flexibility. Additional benefits include:

  • Easy installation
  • Dimensional accuracy
  • Reliable
  • Easy to maintain
  • Robust design
  • Sturdy construction
  • Smooth working
  • Highly efficient

KaiGO’s high-pressure pumps boost the pressure of the water and work without any hassles. Backed by a team of highly experienced professionals, we provide a wide range of high-pressure pumps. We manufacture a wide range of pumps which are made with the finest grade materials.

Following total quality management and a customer-centric approach, we offer the best high-pressure pumps in India engineered under the directions of experienced technicians. Developed using cutting-edge technology and the best grade components as per the industrial standards, our pumps are analyzed thoroughly by our trained quality control personnel to make sure we deliver flawless products.

Arvind KaiGO is one of the best high-pressure pump manufacturers in India. Our pumps are used in many commercial, industrial and even residential settings. Leveraging on our vast industry experience and knowledge, we have become a notable manufacturer and supplier of high-pressure pumps for industries.


  • Pump casing thickness is 1.5 mm compared to 1.0 mm available in market
  • Top and bottom casings are made of SS304 investment casting
  • Cartridge type & split type mechanical seal is given as option, hence there is no need to replace the complete mechanical seal
  • Mechanical seal has replaceable rings fitted with rubber cup. Hence most of the time only seal faces can be replaced instead of the complete seal
  • Pump Flanges at bottom casing has two options - Oval CI type & round SS304 type flange – provided for easy pump maintenance
  • Pump shaft has 4-grooves for fitment of impellers


  • Flow Range: 0.6 – 24 M3/Hr with different models
  • Pressure Range: 1.7 – 24.5 Bar with different models
  • Available in MOC SS304, SS316 & Duplex