KaiTUBE – FRP Pressure Tube

FRP KaiTUBE pressure vessels are membrane housings for industrial and commercial water treatment applications such as desalination, reverse osmosis (RO) manufactured with the best industry practices and the highest quality standards applied to continuous innovation, KaiTUBE FRP pressure vessels feature threaded ports, a quick lock system, flat sealing and multi-porting facilities, fail-safe shells and a single-piece head.


  • User friendly design of end cap assembly with single piece moulded seal plate, high quality seal ring, heavy duty aluminum bearing plate and stainless steel locking ring to enable tool free operation
  • Mirror finish internal diameter with tolerance of ±0.1 mm to facilitate easy loading & unloading of membranes
  • LMeets ASME standards, all drawings available on request
  • Hydro test pressure is 1.1 times of design pressure
  • Burst pressure is 6 times of the design pressure
  • All models supplied with saddle and SS straps, Victaulic couplings available on request


  • Available in 2.5”, 4” and 8” end port, side port and multi port configuration
  • Pressure ratings of 150 psi, 300 psi, 450 psi, 600 psi, 1000 psi, 1200 psi

KaiTANK – FRP Pressure Tank

FRP Pressure Tank is a container made of Fiber reinforced plastic designed to hold filter media at a pressure substantially different from the ambient pressure. These are widely used in Water softening & RO pre-treatment filtration application.


  • Made from High quality FRP resin
  • Suitable for drinking water application
  • Lighter in weight provides Easy installation
  • Corrosion free operation
  • Longer life cycle
  • Lower maintenance cost
  • All Top and Bottom opening vessels are provided with Vacuum Breaker as standard Accessory
  • 100% tanks are hydro tested & supplied with test certificate


  • 8” x 44” to 13” x 54” available in 2.5” Top Open
  • 14” x 65” and 16” x 65” available in 4” Top Open / 4” Top and Bottom Open
  • 18” x 65” to 36” x 72” available in 4” Top and Bottom Open
  • 42” x 72” to 63” x 86” available in 6” Flange Top and Bottom Open