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Choosing The Right Chemical Metering Pump For Wastewater Treatment
June 20, 2022

Choosing the right chemical metering pump for wastewater treatment

Dosing pumps are used to dose a precise volume of chemical., For ex., when dispensing chemicals for disinfection, filtration, or coagulation. The chemical dosage rates can be easily adjusted as per the process conditions. Dosing pumps provide highly accurate and measured amounts of fluid to be metered and transferred into the fluid being dosed.It is essential to select a dosing pump suited to your application. The following blog will help you understand how you can choose the right electronic dosing pump for your use.
Dosing/Metering pumps are often used in water or wastewater treatment applications.
When selecting a dosing pump, it is important to take the following parameters into account:

1. The application data of the pump
You will need a dosing pump that can handle the chemical being dosed while providing accurate dosing. You can share the following information with us, and as the supplier of your motorized dosing pumps in India, we will ensure that you get the right pump for the job:

  • Flow rate (minimum, normal, maximum)
  • Inlet and discharge pressures
  • Temperature
  • Viscosity
  • Chemical

2. The use of the pump
First, you have to understand the chemicals being dosed. Some are more acidic, corrosive, or abrasive than others. Discussing how you intend to use the pump with your dosing pump supplier in India will help you get useful suggestions on the type of pump you can use. Our experts at KaiGO can help you choose the best electronic dosing pump for your use and identify all the possible conditions under which the pump can function. This will help you avoid any expenses and challenges in fixing a problem resulting from the application of a wrong pump.

3. Lubricants you will need
Depending on their design and the pumping conditions that they will be operated in, most metering pumps will need lubricants for the bearing and seals. These parts can get damaged easily if they run dry, even for a short span, so make sure to keep in mind the lubrication needs of the pump.

4. Check if your pump needs an external pressure relief valve
Many positive displacement pumps require the installation of an external pressure relief valve in their discharge piping. This provides an additional layer of precaution and protects the pump in case of a restriction in the line like a plugged nozzle, filter, or isolation valve.

5. Make sure to read the installation and operation manual
As the best dosing pump suppliers in India, our pumps are pretty robust. However, incorrect installing, mounting, or piping can greatly affect your pump's performance. Make sure you read and understand the manual thoroughly to get it right. You can also consult our experts to help you understand the installation process better.

Faced with a myriad of chemicals with unique handling requirements and different environments, plant operators must ensure that they select the best electronic dosing pump for the specific application. Metering must be very precise, so make sure you consider all the above factors in order to choose the right pump for your metering application.

Since there is no one-size-fits-all solution, with all kinds of pumps having their own benefits and drawbacks, it is best to consult an expert from our team who can help you select from among the best electronic dosing pumps in India. We have experts to help you choose the appropriate metering pump from our range of chemical dosing pumps.

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