KaiCHEM – ETP Chemicals

KaiGO’s coagulants are based on polyacrylamide co-polymers providing the complete range of ionicities and molecular weights necessary to meet optimal performance for each applications. Our polymers are available in solid, emulsion and liquid forms. They can be used alone or in combination with aluminum base inorganic coagulants, providing a consumption reduction of 30-60%, dramatically reducing coagulation times, not only succeeding in reducing the treatment cost but also reducing the volume of the treated sludge and it’s disposal cost.
KaiGO presents KaiPOLAN and KaiCATON series of anionic and cationic polyelectrolytes for wide range of applications from water treatment to waste water treatment, mainly used for effluent treatment of inorganic suspended solids. By neutralizing the electric charge of sludge particles, these electrolytes promote flocculation effectively.


Colour Removal & Coagulant

Name Description
KaiCOLOR 4102 Polyamine Medium Concentration
KaiCOLOR 4103 Polyamine High Concentration
KaiFLOC Coagulant


Name Description
KaiPOLAN 12 Medium Molecular Anionic Polyelectrolyte
KaiPOLAN 22 High Molecular Anionic Polyelectrolyte
KaiCATON 32 Cationic Polyelectrolyte

KaiCHEM – RO Chemicals

KaiCHEM CARE antiscalants are designed to eliminate scale and reduce fouling in membrane systems, regardless of the feed water source.
KaiCHEM KLEAN membrane cleaners ensure maximum element life and restore flux rates close to that of new membranes.
KaiCHEM BIO range of non-oxidizing biocides are highly effective in prevention and reduction of algae, fungus and microbial growth on various types of membranes.
KaiCHEM FRESH is a combination of high quality polymers and sequestering agents that take care of seeding process & crystal formation on membrane surface when water is in stagnant while plant not in service. It is specifically designed to control the precipitation of all kind of inorganic salts and silt as well. The product is also effective in dispersing any other foreign matter and slimes etc. Thus, membrane chocking is reduced.
KaiCHEM SPERSE is a formulation developed for application in thermal distillation systems. Controlled dosage rate of KaiCHEM SPERSE have been proven to be highly effective in the operating conditions found in vapor compression, multi effect and multi stage distillation plants and thermal compression to control scale properties precipitation of CaCO3 & CaSO4.


Name Description
KaiCHEM CARE 01 General Antiscalant
KaiCHEM CARE 1001 General Antiscalant
KaiCHEM CARE 2001 Silica up to 120 ppm, Iron upto 2.5 ppm
KaiCHEM CARE 3001 Alkaline Antiscalant
KaiCHEM CARE 4001 High Sulphate & Fluoride
KaiCHEM CARE 5001 High Silica (120 - 200 ppm), Sulphate, & Iron upto 3 ppm
KaiCHEM CARE 6001 High TDS with 80 - 85 % Recovery
KaiCHEM CARE 7001 High TDS in Reject with 250 ppm Silica , 5 PPM Iron Oxide, 4 PPM Calcium Fluoride. (Good for Sea Water Application)
KaiCHEM FRESH – 11 Membrane flushing chemical to reduce cleaning cycle
KaiCHEM SPERSE – ME Thermal Antiscalant for Evaporators
KaiCHEM KLEAN – LP Low pH membrane Cleaner
KaiCHEM KLEAN – HP High pH membrane Cleaner
KaiCHEM KLEAN – SI Acidic Silica Cleaner, can be mixed during Low pH Cleaning
KaiCHEM BIO – 01 Membrane preservation
KaiCHEM BIO – 11 Microbiological control
KaiCHEM BIO – 21 Microbiological contamination