KaiDOSE – Electronic dosing pumps


KaiDOSE – Electronic dosing pumps

KaiDOSE electronic dosing pump is a positive displacement pump. It pumps a very precise flow rate of a chemical or substance into either a tank or stream. Solenoid pushes the diaphragm via a SS stud which in turn pushes the liquid into the system. Solenoid is actuated by a solid state electronic circuit which controls the desired dosing volume.

  • Inbuilt Air relief valve
  • Solid PTFE Diaphragm
  • Double NRV check valves
  • Minimum SPM of 120
  • Optional digital display of SPM

  • Electronic dosing pumps are known for providing an accurate flow rate and precise dosing. They are designed for repeatable precision in dispensing a precise and small volume of fluid doses. Dosing pumps are positive displacement pumps that inject a chemical or liquid into a fluid. They are one of the main components in an entire dosing system. Although the parts of a dosing apparatus may vary, the main components of a dosing system are a tank, foot valve, dosing pump, dosing line, injector and a control system.

    Leveraging on our vast industry experience and knowledge, Arvind KaiGo has emerged as a notable manufacturer and supplier of Electronic Dosing Pumps for industries. Our pumps are engineered under the firm direction of experienced technocrats and follow world-class standards.

    Applications of metering pumps

    Some of the common applications of an electronic dosing pump are:

    • Maintaining a constant flow rate regardless of the fluid viscosity or differential pressure.
    • Delivering a variable flow in order to maintain a system parameter (like pH)
    • Injecting a discrete dose, which is typically required in batch processing.

    A dosing pump is usually required in many industries like pharmaceuticals, water and waste management, food and beverage production, power generation, chemical processing, petrochemicals, oil and gas extraction industries and so on. In wastewater treatment, dosing pumps are used to inject a product such as chlorine into a water stream to cause a chemical reaction. In effluents, they carry flocculants to separate solids from liquids.

    Thus, electronic dosing pumps are used across a large number of industries and have a large range of applications mainly in:

    • Water treatment
    • Agriculture
    • Industrial
    • Manufacturing
    • Medical
    • Food processing
    • Mining

    Arvind KaiGo is one of the best electronic dosing pump manufacturers in India. Our pumps have a wide capacity range and also provide accurate metering even under fluctuating pressure conditions. Some of the benefits of our electronic dosing pumps are:

    • Maintenance free
    • Easy to operate
    • Economical
    • Precise designing
    • World-class dosing pumps
    • Inbuilt PRV in Hydraulic dosing pump
    • Less noise
    • Rust resistance
    • Flawless finish
    • Minimum SPM

    KaiGo is a distinguished manufacturer of electronic dosing pumps that are used to dose fluid into the medium with defined volume and accuracy. Our pumps are known for silent operation, low power consumption, and easy-to-use attributes and are used for chemical dosing in various industries. Extremely precise and versatile, we manufacture electronic dosing pumps in India that can easily adapt to any dosing requirement.

    Our electronic dosing pumps are developed using cutting-edge technology and utmost-grade components in conformity with the set industrial standards. They are also stringently analyzed by our well-trained quality controllers in order to deliver a flawless range. Our services range across a broad spectrum from operations and maintenance of a plant, annual on-site maintenance and checking of equipment along with revamping of existing water and wastewater treatment plants.

    Salient Features

    • Solenoid: We design a high-quality, hot-rated solenoid to dissipate heat.
    • Electronic circuit: Constant pump with adjustable stroke speed and stroke length. Both sides epoxy coated PCB ensure that the pump circuit stays protected from moisture and humid conditions.
    • Diaphragm: Our pumps' superior diaphragm is designed to ensure long life even under the most demanding conditions.


    Flow rate Pressure
    0 – 6 LPH 4 Kg/cm2
    0 – 10 LPH 2 Kg/cm2 / 3 Kg/cm2
    0 – 20 LPH 4 Kg/cm2
    0 – 30 LPH 4 Kg/cm2